Engage your students through immersive learning

Raise the bar of your teaching

The engagement of students is an important metric in the modern education package.

Providing a quality learning experience that meets expectations is becoming an even more important issue in a constantly growing virtual world.

The use of in-class simulations is a novel educational approach with proven effectiveness. Educate your students through collaborative and experiential learning.

Immersive experience

Simulations mimic the real world with an extra dose of excitement. A fast-paced succession of business and world news occur. Learners only have a few seconds to decide their next move and build their portfolio.

Learning by doing

Learners must first put together a strategy with their team. During the simulation, using a realistic trading platform, learners must then overcome their emotions and develop investor or trader reflexes.

Comprehensive analytics

Participants each receive a detailed report of their results. Moreover, using a set comprehensive analytics, the instructor can provide feedback to his students.

Immersive learning

Boursify is a gateway to the world of finance and stock markets in a supervised and simulated context. In an entertaining and educational setting, students deepen their knowledge on topics presented by the instructor.

A Boursify simulation not only reinforces the learning presented in class, but also increases student satisfaction with the level of interaction and stimulation of the finance course.

Customized and actionable

The tailor-made scenarios can be fully customized according to the topics seen in class. You can add derivatives, adjust offer-and-demand sensitivity, change the initial cash amount, and more. Following the simulation, dashboards summarizing the different trends of the group are available to the instructor to provide feedback on the experience.

Our streamlined process

How does it work?

Preparation with coordinators


  • Choose your themes for the best immersion
  • Choice of topics to be covered during the simulation
  • Time and setup of the simulation event


  • Autonomous training with guides and tutorials
  • Support from a dedicated account manager

Let's play!

Virtual setup

  • Open the cloud-based simulation on a browser
  • Show stock graphs and events on a screen
  • Live assistance and support for online simulations

Instant Feedback


  • Gain insights on your participants
  • See your group's trends
  • Each participant receives a performance score (optional)

During COVID-19

Energize your class

If you are particularly interested in improving your students' engagement and experience with Boursify in the face of COVID, we have great up-to-date guide and tips for creating a memorable online experience.

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