Organize a unique and memorable event

Show them how it's done

Organizing a stock market simulation requires the right resources and careful planning.

With up to several hundred participants simultaneously competing for the same goal, it is important to provide them with a quality platform to interact with.

A stock market simulation in an event format is a unifying activity allowing participants to immerse themselves in the world of finance for a day.

the right way

Mark the spirits

Immersive experience

Over half a day or a full day, participants immerse themselves in the world of finance, analyzing fictitious companies and reacting to rapidly changing news.

Support from A to Z

Whether it's for the choice of venue, creative themes, script design, added value for sponsors or anything else, an account manager helps you achieve success.

Platform for organizer

The Boursify platform allows organizers to manage the registration of their participants, customize the simulation software and receive a complete analytical report at the end of the simulation.

Unforgettable experience

Whether it is for a dozen or several hundred participants, a stock market simulation is a unique event that will mark the memory of its participants. Boursify is an entry point into the world of finance and financial markets. Through an intuitive and rich platform, organizers can build their ideal simulation and offer a stellar activity to their participants.

Intuitive and accessible

Whether they are completely neophytes or experts, participants will easily become familiar with the intuitive Boursify simulation platform. Likewise, several recommendations and preparation guides are offered and shared with the organizers to ensure the success of such an event.

Our streamlined process

How does it work?


Choose a scenario...

  • Choose a scenario built by our experts
  • Adjust it to your preferences

...or write a custom one

  • Customize your stocks and events
  • Adjust the difficulty to your participants
  • Choose your themes for the best immersion



  • Choose the place & the time
  • Have as many players as you want
  • Distribute premade booklets to your participants


System setup

  • Open the cloud-based simulation on a browser
  • Project the stock graphs and events to a screen
  • Give players access to their online account

Let's play!


  • An animator announces the events and interacts with the group


  • Our support team answers all your players' questions
Yes. We are proud.

Some happy customers

Very stimulating and realistic. I loved my experience.

Marjorie Audet-Turmel, Participant - UQAR Simulation

The best stock market simulation platform I've tried!

Philippe Saint-Hilaire, Participant - UQAR Simulation

The team offered us an activity well above our expectations and was in perfect control of the course of this simulation.

Vincent Chabot, President - UQAR Investment Fund

During COVID-19

Organize an online simulation

If you are particularly interested in offering a quality stock market simulation event to your participants with Boursify, we have great up-to-date guides and solutions to provide a memorable online experience.

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