Energize people across your organisation

Connect with them the fun way

Capturing the attention of a group and consolidating a team is not always an easy task.

However, it is essential to solidify human relationships and to share moments conducive to the emergence of reciprocity, whether with clients, current and future colleagues or even partners.

unifying and dynamic activity such as a stock market simulation allows participants to live a unique and memorable experience. In an event format, the simulation immerses its participants in the world of finance for a breathtaking and captivating period.


  • Colleagues and team

  • Candidates in the recruitment phase

  • Current or potential customers

  • Partners

The Boursify simulation activity is equally suitable for all groups. The personalization of the experience according to your participants ensures the pleasure and enjoyment of all. By considering the objective of such an activity, it can take a turn that is as much more entertaining as it is educational as it is collaborative.


  • 5@7 evenings

  • Dynamic workshops

  • Central and memorable event

  • Workshop between two conferences

The flexible approach allows a Boursify simulation to become the core of one of your events or to ventilate one of your schedules thanks to its lean format. So, whatever organization you have in mind, several personalized solutions exist to meet these needs and easily improve your plans.

Impress your people

Impress your people

Give your participants an extraordinary and memorable experience in a simulation combining synergy, collaboration and emotions. In total immersion, participants relive the energy of the stock markets and renew themselves during the activity.

Foster collaboration

From strategic discussions to shared ups and downs, participants naturally forge bonds and relationships with fellow allies or rivals. The uniqueness of the event brings the participants together a posteriori around complicity and lived anecdotes.

Easy integration

The settings are set to be flexible and allow easy integration into your planning and other events. Choose the duration, theme, format of the simulation and more to make sure the activity is a perfect fit for your organization.

A memorable activity

Whether it is for ten or several hundred participants, a stock market simulation is a unique event that will mark the memory of its participants. Boursify is an entry point into the world of finance and financial markets with a fun and entertaining theme. Thanks to an intuitive and rich platform, the organizers can build their ideal simulation and offer a unique activity to their participants.

Accessible to all

Whether they are completely neophytes or experts, participants will easily become familiar with the Boursify simulation platform. Several flexible parameters are also available to organizers in order to personalize the simulation to the audience and to event constraints and objectives.

Our streamlined process

How does it work?


Choice of organizers:

  • Scenario themes
  • Date and duration
  • Settings and context


  • Fast early registration
  • Team choice (optional)
  • On-demand tutorials (optional)

Simulation activity


  • Real time management
  • Shared by videoconference
  • Boursify support as needed


  • Access to the web simulator
  • Access to video conferencing
  • Ranking and gamification*

Post simulation


  • Access to results
  • Analytics and commitment dashboard *


  • Access to personal statistics
  • Access to advanced rankings*
  • Automatic follow-ups and polling*

* Some features are only available with Premium plans

During COVID-19

Energize the experience

If you're particularly interested in energizing your teams and partners' experience with Boursify in the COVID context, we have great up-to-date guide and tips for creating a memorable online experience.

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