Create an experience remotely

Through our online simulations

Digitally connect hundreds of participants with ease thanks to the Boursify platform. The same immersive and exciting experience with simpler logistics.

Fully remote

Participants as well as organizers can enjoy the stock market simulation from the comfort of their home or preferred location. Participants do not need to be physically present. Different indiviudals or groups can be distributed geographically the way you want it.

Easy to access

As long as you have access to the Internet and a modern web browser, the platform is available to you at any times without any download being required. Whether you use a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, our web platform keeps being as user-friendly as you would like to.

Assistance and support

On the day of the simulation, one of our dedicated success managers takes care that everything is properly setup for you and your participants. A preparation meeting has usually already been done with your team to ensure everything is ready and good to go.

Virtually energic

While people are not physically together, our team has various suggestions and recommandations to increase the enjoyment of the participants. Going from music to gamification options, we make sure the proper ambiance is setup according to your goals.

Make the most out of you virtual simulation

Our team of seasoned experts can help you get the the most out of your virtual simulation with tailored recommendations.

  • Online animation

  • Energic ambiance

  • Remote contests

  • Participation prizes

Financial Dashboards

What's next?

Not sure if an online simulation is the proper solution for your organization? Contact our team and let us see with you what could have the most impact for your goals.

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