Students playing Boursify

Create a get-together experience

Through our in-person simulations

There is little to compare to the energy of an engaged and passionate crowd. Bring together participants for an energic and immersive face-to-face Boursify simulation.

Solidify Relationships

Participants as well as organizers can enjoy the pleasure of the stock market simulation while enjoying the company of their peers. Nothing better than the feeling of collaboration with your team for the top ranking to foster strong relationships.

Ecstatic Energy

In this high adrenaline context, you feel as reviving the good ol' 1970 New York Stock Markets - albeit in a more modern fashion. With big screens, music pumping and some decent animation, your participants will feel like taking part of an action movie.

Assistance and support

On the day of the simulation, we deploy technical staff that will be present to assist your team and make sure everything is properly setup. Our team stays available on-premise to answer all questions from your team and your participants.


Depending of your audience, we may suggest you adopt the Authentic approach or the Modern approach. In the former, participants will trade through paper trading tickets - going back in time for the day. In the latter, participants enjoy a rich digital platform accessible on any modern device.

Make the most out of you in-person simulation

Our team of seasoned experts can help you get the the most out of your simulation with tailored recommendations.

  • Adapted venue

  • Included lunches

  • Speakers on site

  • Interactive animation

  • Participation prizes

  • Vibrant music

What's next?

Contact our team and let us see with you what could have the most impact for your goals.

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