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What we do for you

How about Boursify?

Boursify is here to help you immerse yourself in the world of financial markets, whether for education, entertainment, team building or hands-on workshops through our unique experiential simulations.

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The concept

What's a trading simulation?


  • Custom scenario adapted to your audience
  • Pick your goals, time and number of participants
  • Live Wall Street experience


  • Start with $250k+ to trade
  • Buy & sell stocks
  • React to real-time events
  • Track your portfolio
  • In-person or remotely

Have fun & Learn

  • Build your trading strategy
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Compete to reach the top of the rankings.
  • From an hour-long experience to a full day
Fully customizable

Customize the events, the stock market and every detail to maximize the immersion.

  • Complete control over the events

  • Customize the curve of the stocks

  • Adjust sensitivity to supply and demand

  • Support derivatives

  • Support multiple languages

  • Beautiful and intuitive admin panel

  • Support from our team of experts

Trade on any platform

Trade on any platform with ease

Anyone can join a simulation with ease. Our app is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and more.

Unforgettable experiences rich in emotions

Participants experience strong emotions and twists of all kinds. They have the chance to create new relationships with their peers in a completely immersive context, either by forming teams or by soliciting their opinions, advice and expertise.

"Very stimulating and realistic. I loved my experience"

Maude Audet-Turmel - UQAR 2018

"The best stock market simulation platform I've tried!"

Philippe Saint-Hilaire - UQAR 2018

Streamlined event organization

Organize your next simulation quickly and easily


Choose a scenario...

  • Choose a scenario built by our experts
  • Adjust it to your preferences

...or write a custom one

  • Customize your stocks and events
  • Create a scenario stimulating the desired level of expertise
  • Choose your themes for an inclusive and thrilling immersion



  • Choose the place & the time
  • Invite up to 1,000 participants
  • Distribute premade booklets to your participants


System setup

  • Open the simulation on your web browser
  • Project the stock graphs and events to a screen
  • Give players access to their online account

Let's play!


  • An animator announces the events and interacts with the group


  • Our support team answers all your players' questions

“The team offered us an activity well above our expectations and was in perfect control of the course of this simulation”

- Vincent Chabot, President of the UQAR investment fund


of transaction worth


simulation hours / year



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